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Lucia Loffredo Shares 5 Secret Tips for Successful Journalism

The profession of journalism involves collecting, analyzing, and disseminating information.  In addition to providing consumers with news, journalism plays a key role in society as a forum for discussion and a medium for cultural expression. We can say that journalism is one of the most interesting jobs in the world. Journalists get to be every day in touch with new events, scandals, and facts that happen around us.

The activities of journalists are not limited only to writing articles in newspapers and magazines; they also appear on TV, radio, or the internet. Journalism is a noble career. A vocation where you protect and defend the vulnerable and help to enlighten those who are unaware of their rights. You should also learn key skills such as interview techniques, how to write a story, how to communicate with others, and how to interact with social media.

Here are 5 Secret Tips for Successful Journalism by Lucia Loffredo

1. Concentrate on your writing not tweeting

“Concentrate on your writing” is a concise, straightforward guide of tips, strategies and do’s and don’ts to help journalism improve their written work. You need good writing skills to be a journalist. Writing a good article requires concentration. Use the fountain pen to keep your hand flowing smoothly and prevent your handwriting from degenerating into scribbles. You’ll begin by learning how to cover news, gather information in different ways, and write feature stories and profiles, and more.

2. Tell stories that are unexpected

To be good at telling stories in journalism, you need to ask questions that aren’t predictable. You can’t just ask someone what they like about their job, or how often they buy certain items. When you listen to someone talk, try to think of a question that isn’t obvious. Don’t be afraid to use your creativity for these stories because now it is time for you to bring in elements of surprise. One trick that many journalists use is to include an aspect of storytelling in their work.

3. Use social media to boost your coverage

In journalism, social media plays a key role in raising awareness of an event and its location. The power of social media is that it takes you to where the action happened via pictures taken by journalists on the ground. Social media is a great place to do some research on your own to see how different subjects are covered. Take note of what stories are getting the most interaction and how much emphasis is being placed on each feature.

4. Be an observer and investigate all aspects of a story

The journalism profession can be very rewarding and is much more than presenting the latest headlines. Journalists interview people in the public eye to gather facts and get a unique perspective on what is going on in the world. They find stories with news value and help the public to understand them by putting them into context and reporting the facts. Identify a story by posing questions, researching answers, and making observations. Determine reader interest, choose a focus, and gather your facts.

5..Stay active in your field

Successful journalists know that one of the most important things they need to do is stay active in their field. If you’re a journalist, there’s a good chance keeping up with the latest technology and staying in touch with sources online is part of your job description. Covering the news has always been a challenge for reporters at all levels today. The easy way to stay updated is to continue researching the new and improved features in journalistic reporting tools.


To be successful—and of use to your chosen publication or news organization—you need to do more than simply state facts. After all, anyone can spit out a coherent recounting of what has occurred. The true sign of a great reporter is the ability to paint an accurate picture of the bigger picture. If you have those skills, then there’s ample future in this industry for you.

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