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Neal Elbaum, International Shipping Professional, and Serial Entrepreneur

A serial entrepreneur, Neal Elbaum grew up in the greater Pittsburgh area and started his first business while still in high school. With an eye on what was to come, Neal kept his academic record in order, graduating with honors from the University. Growing up in a community that valued family above all else, Neal Elbaum learned the values of dedication, trustworthiness, and hard work from his parents. These values have shaped his life as an entrepreneur who takes great pride in building teams and delivering results for the organizations he’s led.

On the top of the list of my favorite things in life is being able to spend time with my family, said Neal Elbaum

What is Global Shipping?

Few people outside of business circles have ever heard of it. Yet it’s one of a few industries that, despite being severely under-researched, is capable of driving economies across entire continents. Neal Elbaum is an international shipping professional. As a serial entrepreneur, Neal has run several successful businesses in the finance, mortgage, and real estate industries. Growing up in a community that valued family above all else, Neal’s dedication to his loved ones showed early on.

Why Choose Shipping Over Other Industries?

With more businesses than ever reaching out to global consumers over social media and online channels, shipping is becoming an essential component of any successful e-commerce business. As a result, companies are flocking in search of integrated shipping solutions.

Shipping is a multibillion-dollar industry that serves more than 200 countries across six continents. Each day, millions of pounds of cargo are shipped around the globe—and nearly 40% of all U.S. imports are carried by water. If you’re fascinated by how products arrive on our shores or curious about different cultures across seas, shipping may be a great place to start your career.

What are Your Duties as an International Shipping Broker?

International shipping brokers act as go-betweens for exporters who wish to export their products to foreign countries and importers who are looking to bring foreign goods into a country. As an international shipping broker, you’ll be responsible for facilitating trade between parties in different countries by booking space on cargo ships. International Shipping brokers also need excellent negotiation skills because they handle large amounts of money during transactions.

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Time Zone Differences

What time differences mean for your business: When it comes to your business, time zone differences matter. For example, if you’re a German e-commerce retailer selling high-quality products like speakers or fancy electronics that are manufactured in China, you’ll need to know what time is best to reach your customer base. 8 hours ahead of Beijing? 12 hours ahead? Yes!

But make sure your account for daylight savings during certain parts of the year when Eastern Standard Time (EST) changes to Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). You’ll also want to be aware of peak internet times at different locations around the world. Simply put: Keep an eye on when your audience is online if you want any chance at reaching them with relevant messages in a timely manner.

How to Establish Business Relationships with International Shipping Agencies

Working with an international shipping agency can save small business owners a great deal of money when it comes to importing goods from other countries. As an entrepreneur myself, I am often asked how to establish business relationships with these agencies. While there are many well-known firms such as SSA Global Logistics that specialize in helping individuals set up such relationships, working directly with an agent can be confusing for some small businesses.

Importance of Personal Networking

I grew up in a community that valued family above all else. I’ve always believed in taking care of my family, my friends, and anyone who is close to me. The importance of friendship became even more important when I started getting into real estate investing because it gave me an opportunity to make a huge impact on other people’s lives by providing them with low-cost housing while growing my own net worth at the same time.

But what made my investing so successful? My personal network. In fact, without my network of investors, contractors and lenders I would have never been able to grow my empire as I did. Everyone should focus on networking because it can benefit you professionally.

What does it take to Succeed as an International Shipping Professional?

Neal Elbaum knows what it takes to succeed as an international shipping professional. Growing up in a community that valued family above all else, Neal Elbaum first sought out careers in finance and mortgage before transitioning into his role as an international shipping expert. Today, Neal has honed his entrepreneurial skills by running several successful businesses in these industries.

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